Avoid scams! Always check URL: cosbycoin.io
Contract: 0xde50089cd51bAcDd14517c58764d9D571c345423

Cosby Coin

The ultimate deflationary, frictionless farm token protocol on Binance Smart Chain with a weekly jackpot!

$Cosby Coin is a 100% safe community-driven, deflationary reflective farming protocol on BSC with a weekly jackpot!

70% Weekly Winner
30% Weekly Winner

Just by holding $Cosby you get more automatically. Price increases over time because of constant burning rate and therefore decreasing supply.

$Cosby Coin aims to provide a safe Cosby ecosystem where anyone can make money from simply holding the token.

The two sides of the ecosystem are Frictionless. There are no hidden fees, no secret funds, and no rug-pulls. We try to be as transparent as possible to ensure the community trusts us. We aspire to build the biggest meme coin out there,

Presale - Sold Out

Transparency and trust are the main values we share. To ensure a safe and smooth launch with minimal dumpage, we set presale price and launch price at same levels. A launch plenty of influencers, advertising and much more to launch the most promising meme coin of 2021.

1 000 000 000 000

Total Supply

25% Supply

Burnt at launch

0.1 BNB

Min. Contribution


Max. Contribution

150 BNB

Soft Cap

300 BNB

Hard Cap


We build a trusted long term project. Not in the beginning, but we swear we'll reveal ourselves in the near future to amplify community trust. Right now, you can see that we are very active at our social medias, where we'll answer all of your questions.


We are community driven, we are extremly active, join us!